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Petrified Wood

Bathtubs & Wash Basins

Petrified wood is one of the world’s rarest raw materials and depending on the location of its discovery can date back to between 300 to 20 million years ago. Compressed from above, the fallen tree goes through a process of mineralization, where the organic materials that made up the cell walls of the wood becomes replicated with minerals (mainly silica in the form of opal, chalcedony, or quartz). This wood is also known as fossilized wood and carries a mixture of wood and stone energies. 


With Nigel Fenwick’s creativity, unmatched sculpting skills, and vision for this rare material, OMAR produces the most exquisite custom-made bathtubs and washbasins in the world.




All OMAR’s petrified wood washbasins are handmade and custom designed by Nigel after carefully selection of a suitable petrified wood tree trunk.  When cutting the material for each washbasin, Fenwick and his crew make sure to cut from the same tree trunk to have matching pairs. 


When cutting and carving, Fenwick follows the natural curves of the fossilized wood to achieve a natural and refined look for the washbasins.


According to Japanese researchers, petrified wood has several therapeutical properties, clearing negative energy, reducing radiation, improving physical strength, rejuvenating body cells, enhancing the immune system, and regulating blood flow and heart rate.

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