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Gem Stones



Crystals offer healing properties promoting physical and emotional wellbeing. Nigel becomes in tune with the crystal when cutting and sculpting making each piece an exclusive experience for both creator and owner. He uses Rock Crystal, Rose Quartz, Green Quartz, and several other types of Crystalline to create the most exquisite bathtubs and washbasins in the world.

Rock Crystal is a well-crystallized colorless hyaline quartz, which appears isolated or in druses. Its name comes from the Greek word krystallos (i.e., clear ice) as ancient people believed the crystal was composed of petrified ice as they saw a likeness between its colourless and cold material found in the mountains and ice. 


Nigel Fenwick is able to capture the elegant beauty of this colorless crystal in his one-of-a-kind designs. The bathtubs and washbasins made with this rock crystal are intended for soothing and coolness, perfect for hotter climates. Some Roman patricians used to keep a large version of the crystal in their homes to refresh themselves by placing them in contact with the body on hot summer days.

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