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Petrified Bathtub by Nigel Fenwick.jpg
The Rarest Elements Of Design In The World

OMAR by Nigel Fenwick produces the rarest and most beautifully hand-crafted bathtubs and washbasins designs in the world.

He carved The Jewel from 180 million years old petrified wood contains precious gemstones and crystals with therapeutic properties.

A Journey Into Mother Earth


Nigel Fenwick has spent years traveling the globe in search of precious stones for OMAR’s exclusive custom handcrafted baths and basins. With permission from the relevant local governments, Fenwick overseas the excavation of each valuable piece.  It can take months to find and dig out the raw material. To minimize impact on the environment a large block and tackle is used to unearth the cherished stones, followed by a painstaking journey to move the pieces towards the trucks and other transport to deliver them to Fenwick’s studio. 

We Classify It As Personalised Refined Art


Clients always ask Fenwick how he can cut the rock crystal stones. The trick is having the right diamond blade, which Fenwick makes on his own through his secret recipe. Depending on the material, different amounts and sizes of diamonds are used for the sawblades, enabling him to select what he needs for cutting the hardest stones in the world.


With the help of the diamond blade, Fenwick can use the talent of carving to structure the material into his known bathtubs and washbasins. Relying on nothing but his eyesight and the feel of his hands, Fenwick is able to determine the correct proportions, scales, and smoothness of the curves of his creations; each piece takes several weeks for its polished form.

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